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A “Mezuzah” is a small parchment scroll, traditionally handwritten under kosher rabbinical supervision which is placed in a case and affixed to the right doorpost of the entrance to inhabitable rooms of Jewish homes.

Each hand crafted case created by

Little Fly Studios is kiln formed individually, using multiple processes and is a one of a kind work of art to cradle your sacred scroll and beautifully adorn your home.


Ranging from 3.5" to 5" in length  each case includes a non-kosher scroll and mounting hardware.

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Organic Coral

This one-of-a-kind mezuzah case features a delicate organic pattern reminiscent of coral polyps. Layers were built up through a series of processes before the molten substrate was hand formed into a container for your sacred scroll. Scroll is inserted from the back. Mounting hardware with torch fired glass nail heads is included along with detailed mounting instructions.