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About the Artist

In Kabbalistic tradition, the Breaking of the Vessels , or Shevirat ha-Kelim refers to a moment in Creation where the pure light of the Infinite overcomes the ability of primordial matter to contain its overwhelming power. Our current material universe is composed of the broken shards, or kelippot, of this event. In this context the primary spiritual goal in our plane of existence is to conduct the process of Tikkun Olam, meaning repair, or healing, of the universe….or reuniting the broken shards.

I feel every act of artistic creation is a participation in tikkun olam. As artists we strive to gather the kelippot:  joys, sorrows, pleasures, pain, wonders, terrors, fears and courage. We seek to garner light, dark, color, sound, scents, elements, molecules and atoms.  We mold, mix, manipulate, manhandle and massage the shards, recombining them into a new & unique manifestation of our vision. And if we are lucky enough for that vision to have an audience we not only participate in our own elevation and healing, we also have the chance to elevate, repair and inspire another. 

An animal lover and a mother of four, I have engaged with a variety of art forms since childhood, including theater arts, visual art, jewelry making, sculpture and stained glass. All along the way as my passion for the arts grew and developed so did my passion for teaching and sharing the wonders I was finding with others. 

Some of my fondest memories are of observing one of my greatest inspirations: my grandfather, a portrait artist, as he painted. Following his lead, I discovered a passion and talent for portrait painting and have been studying and developing skills and techniques to capture the inner light and spirit of the moment.  

My fine art fused glass practice developed in parallel, evolving from roots in stained glass and jewelry making to advanced kiln-fused and torch-fired methods for manipulating hot glass. As I continue to explore this ancient medium and its infinite modern applications I experience both literal and metaphoric expressions of Shevirat ha-Kelim & participation in tikkun olam 

Wendy Blevins and grandson
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