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Incantation Bowl, Hand Painted

Incantation Bowl, Hand Painted


An incantation bowl is a form of protective magic practiced in the Middle East during late antiquity from the sixth to eighth centuries.The bowls were usually inscribed in a spiral, beginning from the rim and moving toward the center. Most are inscribed in Jewish Babylonian Aramaic. The bowls were used to protect against evil influences such as the evil eye, Lilith, and Bagdana. They were buried face down under the threshold, courtyards, in the corner of the homes of the recently deceased and in cemeteries.


Here I've combined this ancient middle eastern practice with my affinity for Native American spirituality. The text is the lyrics of Paul McCartney's "Blackbird", a song with great personal meaning to me, translated into the Mi'kmaq language. The Mi'kmaq are a First Nations people of the Northeastern Woodlands of Canada. I was particularly inspired by this haunting youtube video of a young Mi'kmaq woman. You should check it out.

Emma Stevens - Blackbird by the Beatles sung in Mi'kmaq


Approx 5.25" in diameter, 1.5" deep

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